Mountain Trike eTrike Wheelchair

Key Information

  • Unique Manual Lever Drive with Powered Assist
  • Off Road Wheelchair
  • Air Suspension
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • One arm steering / drive when needed
  • Available with a push handle
  • Maximum user weight of 100kg
  • Adjustable height footrest, and flips up for transfers
  • Rental off road wheelchair for as long as you need
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 Week 1Week 2 - 12Week 13+
Mountain Trike eTrike All Terrain Wheelchair

£242.00 pw

(£290.40 pw Inc. VAT)

£242.00 pw

(£290.40 pw Inc. VAT)

£107.00 pw

(£128.40 pw Inc. VAT)

Minimum Rental Charge is for 2 Weeks

Week 1Week 2 - 12Week 13+
Meyra Optimus 2 4mph£266.00 pw

(£319.20 pw Inc. VAT)

£266.00 pw

(£319.20 pw Inc. VAT)

£220.00 pw

(£264.00 pw Inc. VAT)

Meyra Optimus 2 RS 8mph Configured£296.00 pw

(£355.20 pw Inc. VAT)

£296.00 pw

(£355.20 pw Inc. VAT)

£147.50 pw

(£177.00 pw Inc. VAT)

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eTrike All Terrain Wheelchair


  • Unique Manual Lever Drive with Powered Assist
  • Off Road Wheelchair
  • Air Suspension
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • One arm steering / drive when needed
  • Available with a push handle
  • Maximum user weight of 100kg
  • Adjustable height footrest, and flips up for transfers
  • Rental off road wheelchair for as long as you need

Mountain Trike eTrike All Terrain Wheelchair; Available to hire

The Mountain Trike eTrike all terrain wheelchair is a fantastic new addition to our range of rental off road mobility equipment. This rental off road electric assist wheelchair can be manually propelled by a unique lever drive system. Or alternatively, it can be driven using the power assist by using the twist throttle or thumb throttle.

Go further and faster, tackle more challenging terrain

This makes the MT eTrike off road wheelchair suitable for a wide range of users. Including those who might need assistance to travel off road or more active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more adventurous and challenging terrain.

This revolutionary design combines manual power with electric assist as and when you need it. Making this all-terrain wheelchair a fantastic hire option. Range will vary depending on conditions, user weight, speed and terrain but you can expect around an 8-20 miles on a charge.

The eTrike has the flexibility to be ridden in three different ways:

  1. Manually by pushing the drive levers
  2. Power assist by using the twist throttle or thumb throttle
  3. Hybrid by pushing drive levers and twisting throttle simultaneously

Adventure awaits with this off road wheelchair with power assist

This rental all terrain wheelchair is the ideal “Trike” for your outdoor trips, whether you are looking to take that trip in to town, a visit to the park or a muddy woodland trail. Or perhaps even something more adventurous? This off-road wheelchair has even been used to climb a mountain!

Rental Mountain eTrike Manual All Terrain Wheelchair

The design of the Mountain Trike is sleek, versatile to suit different users and robust to cope with a variety of terrains. It features hydraulic disc brakes to give you greater control and braking over difficult grounds, steep hills and in different weathers. The air suspension means you benefit from a smoother and more comfortable ride; even when travelling over rougher terrain or going down kerbs. Its unique direct drive steering allows you to steer and drive with only one arm if needed too, plus the throttle is simple and easy to use. It is adaptable for different users such as for those with use of one arm or those who have limited strength or movement. The LCD screen keeps you up to date with the power, speed, distance, average and max speeds.

Short Term & Long Term Rental Offroad Wheelchairs

This rental all terrain powered assist wheelchair is also available with a push handle option, especially useful for when you need a helping hand or are unable to propel yourself.

Also available as an “Manual” model for those who want adventure and to travel over grass and rougher terrain. See our Off-Road range here.

You can take a look at the rest of the Offroad Wheelchairs range here. 

*Products may vary in model and colour (unless specifically requested)
Frame:Aluminium Frame
Suspension:Rock Shox Monarch R Air Shocks
Brakes:All Weather SRAM Level Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Footrest:Adjustable height footrest, flips up for transfer, removable
Support:Moulded comfort cushions, tension adjustable support straps, foot straps.
Length (fully assembled):
Seat width:
Seat Angle:20 degrees bucket for comfort and safety
Seat cushion:Removable foam cushion (size ), wipe clean polyester fabric
Seat height from ground:
Seat length: -
Footrest height:Max footrest height to
Wheel size:
Back height: (also adjustable forward or backwards).
Overall width:
Rider:Maximum user weight and height
Fold:Mountain Trike can be folded into a cube for easy transportation
Motor:250W, 36V Hub Motor
Battery:12.8Ah, 36V Lithium Ion Battery (includes mains charger)
All product measurements are given in metric and imperial. Metric measurements may vary + or - 0.5cm, imperial measurements are approximate.

We are very happy to provide you with product information and specifications over the telephone or via email but unfortunately, we are unable to make any product recommendations for you. This is because we do not know your individual circumstances or your health requirements.

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